About Me

A curious mind. An avid reader. And always ready to talk.

I love reading but I learn by doing.
I’m a people person. They’re my biggest distraction (Twitter is a close second!).
Laughing is my hobby. And I’m very particular about maintaining my hobbies.

I believe in ‘forgiving and forgetting’ more than anything else.
Family always comes first but I make sure to maintain my friendships.
Honesty, when expressed in an appropriate manner, is truly the best policy.

Passionate about technology, innovation and change. I’d be happy with making an impact in just one person’s world. 

Wondering why I started this blog? Check out my first post.

PS. My name is pretty phonetic. Both first and last names are pronounced just as they’re spelt. Just sound it out and don’t try to ‘Indianize’ it :)