My Experiences

Feel free to visit my LinkedIn page if you’re looking to browse through my work/extra-curricular experiences!

But, I also wanted to share some cool stuff I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing –  things that had a major impact on my life,

  • I worked as a News Editor at The Gazette, Western’s daily student newspaper. Somehow managed to work almost 40 hours/week while balancing a full course load. Definitely one of my best experiences from university. Some of my articles can be found here!
  • Organized London’s inaugural TEDxUWO. There’s an article written about it – not the most flattering picture though…
  • Co-managed a student presidential campaign – quite interesting given that I’d been a student journalist since high school. Adam won! The picture above showcasing people with crazy expressions ended up on the cover of The Gazette.
  • Represented Ivey’s first Lemon-Aid Campaign on London’s Rogers TV. Being interviewed on a live talk show is nerve-wracking! Don’t laugh, but here it is.
  • Authored a case study which was published by Ivey Business School. Check it out.
  • Operated a big lawn mower – there’s a picture of it on the home page. Gosh, that was scary… but fun! Life-altering experience indeed.
  • Travelled to India alone – blog post coming soon. It may not sound like it but it was an important and an experience worth noting.
  • Discovered Toronto’s startup scene and fell in love with it. More on this later :)
  • Started working with a wonderful team at Hacking Health – I really need to write a post about this too!

– More Coming Soon –